increase the speed of communication

You are able to collaborate with your teams
This is similar as the previous example except that I am talking about corporate communication. Employees can build stronger bonds with each other by working in close collaboration and getting to know one another on a deeper level.
Instead of writing lengthy emails to notify your colleagues about a new project and waiting several hours to hear back, you can turn around and ask them directly. This will significantly increase the speed of communication. 
4. You have a limited budget
It might seem strange that having very little money is a good thing. It's easy. You can be creative and more creative than your peers who have the money. This is because you have to make sure every dollar is used to grow your company. It's not possible to think of 10 possible solutions for an issue. There's only one chance.
This doesn't necessarily mean that big corporations cannot be creative with huge amounts of money, however, it does mean that they are more likely to settle on a solution that is effective since they are able to change it at any time. However, you have to be able to solve it immediately. Sometimes it is the limitations that offer the most effective solutions.
5. You can take greater risk
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This one is tricky because, as I mentioned in the previous point, big companies have more cash and should be more likely to take on risks. It would seem that the losses they take are less important. Well, not quite. They may have more cash, however they have a lot of people to please so they don't have to make risks that could harm shareholders.
You, as the owner of the business, are often the only one directly affected and impacted by any decision you make, not even the most crucial ones. Although this may seem harsh, it is an actual fact that you could be more accountable for your destiny than being required to make decisions that can be profoundly impacting the lives of a lot of people. 
6. It's better to focus on your goal rather than making money at the expense of other people
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Large corporations no longer focus on serving their market as they did at the beginning. Instead, they focus on making money for shareholders. This is the typical way of working for large corporations, especially those that trade on the public market. For small entrepreneurs with a mission, this is a great advantage.
Focus on making clients satisfied Even if it could mean less revenue short term. This will pay off in the long run however, big companies won't allow you to do this. They have to keep bringing their profit. While you can think more long term however, you must also place your current success in the back of your mind to increase it later.