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Toys, hobbies and even DIY
People were drawn to their hobbies or toys to pass the time. More than $590.70 billion in online purchases is expected in this industry in 2021 because of increasing unemployment, the rise of home-learning and greater isolation. In the second quarter of 2020, North American arts and crafts leader, Michaels, saw a net sales growth of 11.1%, with an increase of 353% in ecommerce sales. British Hobbycraft is based in the UK and has reported a rise of 2000% in sales online following the outbreak. These trends are unlikely not to fade, even as the lockdown conditions loosen and as more people see the advantages of diversifying their abilities and activities.
Electronics and media
This sector is estimating $542.2 billion in sales this year. In the first quarter, consumer spending on entertainment at home witnessed a 10% rise during May. Subscription streaming had the highest growth. This growth does not include premium video-on-demand that Variety described as "an essential logistical and economic necessity" following the closure of movie theaters.

  Food and personal care
These up-close-and-personal sales are expected to reach $468.5 billion this year. Many of its products are staple items that need to be replaced on a regular basis prior to the outbreak, people were demonstrating an interest in purchasing high-end beauty products. CNBC conducted a 2017 CNBC study of Amazon product categories and found that the most expensive items were at the top, rising 47% year-over.
People tend to cook more often when they are spending more time at the home. CNBC also ranked grocery (38%) and pantry (33 percent) as the top performers when it comes to growth. A survey of consumers in March 2021 found that 43% said they would cook more at home and 42% reported spending more on groceries after the pandemic. Consumables, whether they're personal care or food products, remain a profitable choice for sales that are lucrative.

Furniture and appliances
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Projections ranks them last of our top five products with $362.90 Billion in estimated sales. CNBC 2017 data showed that furniture (33%) was among Amazon's top performers in product growth before the pandemic. The market is expected to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of five percent, with an increase in people who invest in home offices.
The epidemic has resulted in more people spending more time at home and investing more in their homes. Mintel says that appliances experienced an 5.5% increase in 2020 because of the pandemic. Additionally, people are putting their homes first and were willing to pay more for convenience. This makes ecommerce a viable alternative.
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As online shopping becomes more popular and more popular, it is bound to continue to grow. The online retailing of cars and other items is an area that is of curiosity. However, it could take some time before it reaches the top five sellers. These markets are the future. Get involved now to improve your chances of success.