Teams can be productive in harmony

Build stronger personal connections and build trust with your customers


Some humans prefer to interact with others and not with companies that are not human. It's not possible for large businesses with thousands of employees. It's impossible to build a personal relationship for every client.

You can actually meet each clients more intimately when you're a small business. It is possible that your clients are not as numerous as you'd prefer. They are likely to choose to interact with you via the team members they work with or directly.

3. Teams can be productive in harmony


This is similar as the previous example except I'm talking about company communication. When you have smaller teams and less departments, your employees can develop better relationships as they work closely together and get to know each other on a an individual level.

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Instead of waiting for a reply to a lengthy email from a coworker regarding an issue, it's simpler to contact them directly. 

4. You have a limited budget


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What makes having a small amount of money good, you might be thinking? The answer is simple. You are able to be required to get more creative with your money than the competition. Because you want to make sure each dollar is spent in a way that will benefit your company. That means that you don't need to try 10 possible solutions to a problem. Instead, you must work hard to find the solution that is the best for your business. You only get one shot to try it.