who have a limited budget

It doesn't mean that large corporations can't be creative with huge amounts of money, however, it does mean that they're more likely to to settle on a solution that works because they can change it at any time. However it is essential to be able to solve the issue quickly. The best solutions often originate from people who have a limited budget.
5. You are able to accept greater risk
This is a tricky one as large companies like I mentioned earlier, are more financially secure and more likely to take chances. They're not likely to lose as much, right? Well, not quite. They aren't as rich as they did in the past and therefore they aren't able to make any risky decisions that could endanger shareholders.
As the proprietor of the company, are usually the only person directly affected and impacted by the decisions you make, even the most important. While this might seem harsh, it is an actual fact that you could be more accountable for your destiny than being required to make decisions that can have a profound impact on the lives of thousands. 
6. It's better to focus on your mission than on making a profit at the expense of other people
Most big corporations aren't focused on satisfying their customers, as they used to at first, and instead focus on making a profit for shareholders. This is how big companies, particularly those that are publicly traded, operate. There's nothing wrong with it. This is a huge advantage for you as a small business owner with an objective.
Now you can focus on making your clients satisfied, even if that results in less income in the short-term. Even though it will pay off in the end however, large corporations cannot adopt this strategy. They must continue to bring in profits constantly while you consider the long term, while also putting your current success in the past to maximize it later down the road.
Ecommerce Startup Categories for 2021 
In 2017, Nasdaq predicted that ecommerce would account for 95% of all purchases by 2040. Just five years later, that already remarkable market-transition prediction has been further increased by the Covid-19 virus; despite security and health protocols designed to get people out of their houses and into stores many are still tempted to purchase on the internet.
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The fashions of shopping vary from country to country, but ecommerce offers the possibility of a global market. This will increase opportunities for business success, especially when you can find a niche among top-performing categories. A recent analysis by Oberlo ranked the top five categories of shopping by revenue worldwide. The top five:
1. Fashion
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Fashion is the current movers in the world of e-commerce. In actual fact it is predicted that shoppers will spend close to $760 million on online shopping this year. Fashion is responsible for more than 25% of the sales made online, and this number is expected to increase. Zalando is the top European online fashion retailer. The value of its gross merchandise increased by 34% during the second quarter 2020. And the market for sportswear is expected to see a compound annual growth rate 6.7 percent through 2026.
The closing of stores in the aftermath of the pandemic did not just move purchases on the internet: people are spending more money, too. Experian found that 11% said they were spending more on clothes than they did the previous year and that's an increase of 5% over the previous one. Another important and interesting aspect is that, more and more, fashion's attracting-customers battle is less about having a name and more about creating a memorable customer experience, so even in this highly competitive sector startups that are online have a chance at being successful.