capacity to be flexible

4. Budgeting and finance

 The budgeting process should incorporate finances as well, since every business needs money to cover certain areas of business. Budgeting is like a roadmap for your company and puts your business at risk when you don't have a plan.

 Riley Panko said in a report on budgeting that companies of all sizes need to make a budget. She also stated that businesses could create more issues for themselves if they don't have a budget. Budgeting helps small businesses focus.

 Budgeting is the way to determine how your marketing, asset acquisition and employee compensation can be managed. All your short and long term financial needs should be planned for. This may require hiring an accountant who will keep records of all money flowing in and out of business.

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 5. Be flexible and be ready to change to any situation

 Are you able to adapt? Patrick J. Rottinghaus defines adaptability as "The capacity and ability to handle and capitalize on changes, as well as the capacity and ability to bounce back from events that cause disruption to life plans."

 No one saw 2020 coming however, it did come, and it was like everyone was forced to "adapt or die." The usual nature of work we were all used to was stopped for some apparent reasons. Everyone was forced to adjust to zoom meetings, online education, and social distancing. This alone was a problem for brick and mortar companies whose primary service delivery was within the individual.

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 2021's future isn't certain however, what is certain is your capacity to be flexible to any situation. You must be able to adjust to market trends, whether it is in the delivery of your product or service or marketing, and to engage with customers creatively.