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 You may need knowledge, experience, or licensing

 Make a flyer that outlines your services. Before you do that, you need to know what those services will include. Are they sufficient to manage the bookkeeping requirements of small-sized businesses? Another option is to perform more in-depth accounting, such as preparing income statements and balances sheets. The frequency of these reports can differ based on the company. Tax accounting is another area of potential work.


 The business may be seasonal in some regions however there are plenty of methods to prevent this. If you lease an storage facility, you can provide bicycle storage for those who need them during the winter. You can also cater to Lance Armstrong wannabes all year. These road race riders train in sleet, snow, or the darkness of night. Some of them ride their own bikes, however most don't, so you can have their services all year. If you're operating on Saturdays, hours, you can be sure that you will have a bunch of cyclists stopping by to talk about cycling.


 Sometimes, training or licensing might be required.

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 The hull needs to be cleaned for boats that are pulled out of the water in winter or to make repairs in the mid-season. It's worth cleaning the hull, depending on what type of boat you have. Start by reaching out to owners of boats that are on their property. You could also promote your services to marinas and ask for your services to clean the boats it has for clients.

 Services for BUSINESS Plan

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 Offer a soup-to-nuts business plan, including market research and the narrative of your business plan and financial statements. Consider providing additional services in addition to the main one. Clients can choose to receive an electronic copy of the file that they then have access to. You can also provide editing services the file upon request. Offer clients sample business plans. Be sure to include your own!