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 The Best Way to Create Your 2022 Business Plan

 One thing that does not alter is the fact that a well-crafted plan is vital for any company. You will continue to tweak, improve, and refine that plan after you open your doors. The 2022 plan may be more difficult than normal because of the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

 However, there's some good news to be had. To get the best results, you must adhere to certain key points.

 1. Identify your assumptions, biases, and hypotheses

 Most business plans have at least one assumption. You might think that you must follow certain rules or that your organization is run by the right individuals. What I've learned from the world of investment is that, even when cycles repeat, nothing ever is exactly as planned. Sometimes what you thought would occur is completely different from what actually happens.

 Review the assumptions you made in the past year. What did you do well? What failed to stand up? What worked? Why did they fail? If you are able to answer that question, then you can avoid making similar mistakes. Be sure to recognize any biases, especially if you've never created an outline prior to. Be patient and know that life can be unpredictable.

 2. Check out your results

 Sometimes results are unexpectedly different than anticipated. It's not due to something you did or not, it could be due to the many moving parts involved. Let the business's results guide you. If you find that customers buy twice as many products than you anticipated and that the market conditions and attitudes haven’t changed, then it's logical to invest more in that product in the coming year. Make sure you know what resulted in your findings to determine whether they're anomalies or real long-term trends for your business. But don't start blind.

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 3. A few predictions

 The projections are a method to show people the things you're committed to. For instance, you might declare that you'll spend $500,000 on advertising, or $1 million for Project A. That's very attractive to investors and shareholders who want to be sure you know where you're going. These kinds of projections helped me locate partners for a company I founded. If you're honest enough and bold enough to make projections, you could change your circumstances and influence the people you receive support from.

 Projections are aware of the potential for unexpected events and anticipate them and help you stay on track. To illustrate this in my own experience, when I first started a small business within the FinTech sector, I didn't project that I'd require more capital. I didn't look at what could happen if the stock market actually fell. I simply believed that everything would work out fine. Venture capitalists asked me how it would perform financially in various scenarios. I didn’t really know the answer. The business collapsed due to the fact that I didn't have a strategy of how I would survive when trouble hit. I could have kept my doors open had I laid out the steps for every scenario.

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 Because the market and the world is constantly changing, business plans should be flexible. Be ready to respond and change direction. These same points can be applied to any plan you create for your company. You can start early, identify the person you'd like to be, and then take your first steps. The quicker you are able to define your identity as well as your goals, the more effective.