You can see our collection of 17 streetwear styles

Amazingly Cool Streetwear Outfits to inspire your next outfit

 Streetwear was a trend that swept the streets of Manhattan in the 90s. Streetwear is a blend of New York's hip-hop fashion and a relaxed California lifestyle. It combines sportswear elements with everyday essentials. For instance varsity jackets paired with classic white T-shirts or track pants paired with an oversized leather jacket. Thanks to high-end fashion houses like Gucci Off-White, Gucci, and Balenciaga streetwear has inspired fashion houses to adopt the trend.

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 In the last year, streetwear has been more comfortable and is now employed as workwear. With the help of a Chanel bag in quilted and white sweatshirts, sneakers and jeans were transformed into stylish and fashionable outfits. We added sporty items such as tennis ball caps, ball cap skirts and windbreakers into our outfits--and we're not stopping anytime soon. One suggestion: Streetwear is distinctive because it blends luxurious luxury brands such as Hermes or Miu Miu, with performance brands such as New Balance. You can see our collection of 17 streetwear styles which you can duplicate and repeat.

 Streetwear outfit in monochrome

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 We'll start by introducing the simplest of combinations for outfits: monochromatic loungewear sets. You can't go wrong with a comfortable monochromatic pairing. This outfit is at-home-approved. Wear it with a gold-plated necklace, and white sneakers to dress it up.